What are HR40 Windows? 

HR40 Windows are meticulously designed to appeal to all needs of the homeowner. Whether it’s the flawless appearance, extreme durability, or the unbeatable insulation abilities, HR40 windows have a benefit for any homeowner. The creator promised to make a window that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but will save money in the long run. He not only delivered on his promise, but created a masterpiece that will last generations. Here we will examine a few of the benefits that puts HR40 windows in a class of their own. To get a more in depth analysis on HR40 windows, check out the website. 

HR40 Sliding Glass Door

Why Do We Recommend HR40?

Krypton Insulated Technology

HR40 windows are designed with double pane, Krypton insulated, heat mirroring glass that provide up to 40% more insulation than traditional windows. This means less air leaking from the home, and less unwanted air entering the home. This equates to using less energy to heat and cool your home resulting in lower energy costs as well as less greenhouse gas emissions.

High Quality Materials

HR40 windows are made with high quality glass that is more transparent than glass used in traditional windows. More light can enter through this glass leading to a brighter interior inside the home, decreasing the need and use of lights.

The window frames are made with true virgin vinyl, they eliminate the chance of any deterioration that would occur with normal wooden window frames. By doing this, the HR40 windows rarely ever need to be replaced, leading to a long lasting lifespan of the window.


HR40 double-pane, Krypton insulated window with heat mirror technology

Durability Features

Other features include an interlocking system, which prevents leaks through the point where the windows intersect. This feature also acts as a security measure, preventing any unwanted guested from entering the home. Extremely durable glass eases the fears of the windows breaking during a storm or another extreme event.

Easy Cleaning

Finally, completely removable sashes make it easy to clean the windows, keeping them clean and clear. To see exactly how these features can benefit your home, connect with an HR40 representative.  

HR40 Bay Windows