Krypton Insulated Vs. Argon Insulated Windows

You’ve probably noticed that not all windows are made the same. While sometimes the differences between them are negligible, a huge difference is the gas in which they are insulated with. This may seem like a minuscule detail, but in reality it is important to know how these affect your home. This article will cover the differences between Argon and Krypton insulated windows and how they can make a huge difference.

Argon Insulated Windows

Having the windows insulated with any kind of gas is a good thing. Traditional single pane windows do a bad job insulating the home. This is why double pane windows insulated with Argon got introduced to the market. Argon works well because it is around 6 times more dense than air, which forms a protective barrier between the panes of glass. This eliminates conflicting air currents when different temperatures meet. Argon insulated windows can be used in all climates and doesn’t add much to the total cost of the window.

There are a few drawbacks to Argon insulated windows. The biggest issue has to do with the fact that the gas doesn’t expand or contract. While Argon doesn’t expand or contract the glass does. This means that after a wile the seal on the window is going to become damaged. As a result, the insulation properties of the window are going to take a hit. Even with the seal in tact the window is expected to have a leakage rate of 1% per year. Finally if the seal has even a small break in it the Argon will escape and moisture laden air will take it’s place. This increases the chances of mold growing in the house as well as damage to the structure of the home over time.

Krypton Insulated Windows

Krypton is more dense than Argon. Krypton is about 12 times denser than air meaning that it is better at insulating the home than Argon. Krypton gas is the superior property when insulating windows and is widely considered to be the best insulator. In some instances it can even decrease your energy spending by 40%. This is a significant difference from Argon. Krypton insulated windows also function better when there is a thin gap between the glass. This is different than Argon which functions well with larger gaps.

The biggest downside to Krypton insulated windows would be the price. They tend to be a little bit more expensive than their Argon counterparts. That being said, the extra money spent on the windows is also money that can be saved from the energy efficiency of Krypton. Overall it is a long term investment that may cost more upfront, but will definitely pay for itself in the long run.

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